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home addition extension renovation
Create More Living Space for You & Your Family!

AYA specialises in home additions, extension and renovation projects in Sydney. The key to a great outcome is understanding your particular needs and how it will solve your current homing problems. We work with you from the design, council approval, construction to completion, helping you combine your ideas and lifestyles with our years of building knowledge and experience to make your dream luxury home come true.

Home Addition vs Extension

In residential construction, the word “Addition” means to go up, and “Extension” build-out towards your backyard. People often wonder if it is better to extend out or add up with a second-floor addition. While every house is different, our experience suggests a second storey addition of 100m2 or more often gives you better “bang for your buck”. When you have an addition done to your home, you will gain another floor level of living space by adding height rather than giving up any of your backyard,

Home Addition

A successful addition project ensures the seamless flow blending with the existing structure without compromising privacy & the natural surroundings, creating an attractive addition functional area in your home. Home addition creates a larger home gives you the room you needed and increases the property value. However, there are several factors to consider when deciding home addition. Is the existing house structure strong enough to support the additional level? The quality house services,  power, water, sewer, stormwater, gas and phone lines?

Home Extension

The home extension extends your existing property, adding an extra room/s or expanding on an existing space while remaining at ground level. Depending on your lifestyle, creating a larger level home with little or no stairs over a two-storey house may be a significant benefit outweighs having a larger yard.

A home extension is not merely creating a larger home, but effectively enhance the overall layout and functionality of a home. In return, it significantly raises the market worth.

A Home Should be a Reflection of You

A lot goes into building a home addition or home extension, and it all begins with the design & planning. AYA construction provides the architect-designer and the builder’s experience working together with you in the design process. By doing so, we ensure creating a functional home space and utilising it to suit both your lifestyle and your budget.

Home Renovation

The home renovation also refers to restoration. To update, repair or restore your current home, add value to your home and not have to adjust to a new neighbourhood.

Perhaps you live in a home built in the 60s, and it still reflects that era, but you want to update it into a modern gem. On the other hand, instead of modernising your 60’s house, you may prefer to return it to its original glory. Either way, home renovation may seem daunting and overwhelming. Luckily, AYA Constructions is here to help and guide you through each step to make it as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. We have over 20 years of home renovation experience and extensive knowledge in this field. Our home renovation Sydney team offers free access and quotation for any renovation projects. We can visit you at your home, discuss your preferences, determine the most suitable method for modernising or restore your home to its original gloryy.

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